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Last updated 05/01/2019

Charge Different Price for Credit vs. Cash

Store owners now have the option to charge a higher price for credit card payments in order to cover the costs associated with a credit card purchase. This is done by simply configuring a surcharge percentage in the FasCard Admin site.

Record and Display Credit Card Type in Reports

This feature shows the type of credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX, etc) used in credit card transactions, in reports. This is especially useful when cards are declined because the card type is not accepted.

Test and Trust

Test and trust brings a second alternative for debit card pre-authorization, which allows the owner to set a small pre-authorization amount. If successful, the customer is allowed to spend up to a new “max limit” without additional pre-authorization transactions.

Apply Coupons to Existing Loyalty Accounts

This feature adds the option when creating (or saving) a coupon to automatically apply the coupon to an existing loyalty group. This allows the user to apply a coupon to only existing users that are part of a selected loyalty group or all loyalty users. For example, if you have a coupon that you want to give only to your college student loyalty group or Veterans, now you can!

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